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Ready with MRX Neck and Head restraint anchor screw plate

360°Turbine Technology

-20-40% reduction of rotational acceleration to the head & brain

-20-30%reduction of head impact at concussion level

-Improves multi-impact protection


Quattro Force Control

Reduced outer shell volume for reduction in:

-Neck forces

-Rotational brain acceleration


Optimized integration with LEATT neck braces

-360 degree helmet and neck brace match

-Rear clearance cut for riding

-Rear hyperextension impact platform


Optimized weight. Very light and great safety

Maximum ventilation

-Over 240 honeycomb vent holes

-11 large vent ports


Hydration ready! Pre set routing for hydration

Zero friction removable patent pend safety cheek pads

Anti-microbial high evaporating snap out liner

Visor with break away function

LEATT Race Ready Design –prepared for emergency helmet removal system

Certified and tested:

-ECE2205/DOT, ACU Gold, AS/NZS 1698-2006


Weight not set yet. 

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